Scientists fear Sun’s superflare eruption could destroy Earth

Nga bobi March 26, 2016 12:02

Scientists fear Sun’s superflare eruption could destroy Earth


A SOLAR eruption on the Sun could create a “’superflare” capable of destroying the Earth, researchers have warned.

Experts observed magnetic fields on the surface of almost 100,000 stars to work out the odds.

Denmark’s Professor Christoffer Karoff said: “We did not expect superflare stars with magnetic fields as weak as the Sun’s.


“This opens the possibility the Sun could generate a superflare — a very frightening thought.”


Out of all the stars with superflares that Karoff and his team analysed, around 10 per cent had a magnetic field with a strength similar to, or weaker than, the Sun’s magnetic field.

Therefore, even though it is not very likely, it is not impossible that the Sun could produce a superflare.

Professor Karoff added: “One of the strengths of our study is that we can show how astronomical observations of superflares agree with Earth-based studies of radioactive isotopes in tree rings.”

Solar flares facts

— Earth is often struck by solar eruptions which are made up of particles hurled from the Sun into space.

— Larger amounts of hot plasma create potentially dangerous flares.

— Monster flares can break down radio communication and power supplies.

— Largest observed eruption took place in September 1859 — a phenomenon known as the ‘Carrington Event’.

— Evidence from geological archives has shown that the Sun might have produced a small superflare in AD 775.

Nga bobi March 26, 2016 12:02
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